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Drive growth and extend your reach with our innovative data-driven solutions for the mobile marketing and market research industries.

We offer machine learning-driven user acquisition, re-engagement and market research sampling solutions.

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Programmatic Mobile DSP

Machine learning-driven mobile user acquisition & re-engagement. offers a programmatic, fully transparent service to drive scale outside of traditional (walled gardens) user acquisition channels and maximize ROAS by focusing on targeted deep-funnel in-app events.
While processing over 2,800,000 ad requests per second, our machine learning models allow us to focus our bidding and target specific segments. Additionally, these ML models consider each application′s nuances in a variety of verticals, from gaming to e-commerce and services, allowing marketers to diversify their spend and expand their reach by examining options outside of traditional platforms.

  • Our bidder processes over 2.8M ad auctions per second
  • We analyze 60 data-points before serving each impression
  • Our global reach allows us to launch a campaign in almost any market within hours

Data-Driven Sample Providers

Quickly gain global insights for your product or brand. provides market research sampling solutions, delivering quality data at scale from diverse audiences.
Using machine learning algorithms, we′re able to match surveys to users based on aggregated behavioral data and improve results for both end users and research providers.


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