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Aspire to innovative, leverage data and expertise, stay ahead of the curve.

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Persona.ly is a Global AdTech Product Company

We acquire engaged users for top-grossing app developers and provide customer insights solutions to market research companies. Our team is full of vibrant, proactive, and passionate developers and marketers with diverse backgrounds and vast experience in the mobile marketing field. Together, we can overcome almost any challenge and create solutions that exceed our partner′ expectations - developers and advertisers alike.

We Work Smarter and Harder

We hold development in the highest regard.

Ever since Persona.ly′s inception, our founders have focused on building a solid infrastructure. Instead of relying on third-party tools, we′ve built proprietary platforms and developed optimization tools that allow us to operate the way we believe one should - with the least constrictions and as much freedom as possible.

Our systems are constantly evolving and receiving updates based on thorough analysis of our accumulated data.

We Work
We Work

When faced with a new challenge, we analyze the available data and combine it with our experience to find the optimal way to approach the problem. And then we do it again, from the top.

What′s optimal today could be only satisfactory tomorrow and lacking in a month. That′s why we never stop analyzing and optimizing each and every feature, as well as our operating procedures.

We Provide True Value

We approach every relationship and cooperation with the future in mind.

Our partners′ success is our success, and thinking only about the short term would betray their trust. This, combined with our team′s experience and insights into the mobile ecosystem, leads us to a unique approach when it comes to new relationships.

We learn to know our partners quickly by getting as much information as possible about their needs and how they define success. In other words, our team knows what to focus on ahead of time.

We Work
We Work

As a company, we believe in and promote transparency, both within the team and with our partners. We are always open to share our insights and to learn from others - true optimization never stops, and neither do we.

These ideals are embedded in our culture and we do our best to live up to them every day. We take pride in the close and long-lasting relationships we've built with our partners, our proprietary technology, and our continuous growth.

Join Our Team

At Persona.ly, we strive to maintain a work environment that encourages discussion, critical thinking, and excellence in ping pong (as well as, you know...your field).

We're always looking for passionate, determined, and creative individuals to take part in our journey. We've come a long way so far, and we're not planning to stop anytime soon.

Applicant discretion is guaranteed.

Our Values

  • Encouraging Personal Growth and Development
  • Being a Dynamic Company and Growing Constantly
  • Creating a Positive Atmosphere for Employees and Clients



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Sales Development Representative - OutboundIsrael
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International Sales Development Representative - SDRRemote
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