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Quickly gain global insights for your product or brand. provides programmatic market research sampling solutions, delivering quality data from diverse audiences through our proprietary global survey panel.

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Surveytime - Global Survey Panel

Our proprietary survey panel, Surveytime, provides market research sampling solutions to deliver quality data at scale from diverse audiences. We are able to reach hard-to-sample audiences such as millennials, minority groups, and business professionals in order to conduct broad or narrow targeting. Using machine learning algorithms, we match surveys to users based on aggregated behavioral data and improve results for both end users and research companies.

Global Reach at Scale

Our panels reach over 9 million users worldwide.

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Our Platform

In less than 100 milliseconds, our prediction algorithms determine which survey to serve and the most opportune moment to serve it.

  • Machine Learning

    Our algorithms ensure surveys go to the ideal groups by examining aggregated behavioral data.

  • Plug-and-play

    Integrate your survey inventory through API and reach scale quickly. Manage the entire process with the upcoming DIY (self-serve) solution.

  • Feasibility & Cost

    Get a quick estimate of the time and budget required to gather your insights.

  • Multilingual Support

    Serve surveys in multiple languages and gain insights from diverse global audiences.

Quantitative survey data quality

Ensuring Data Quality

Our proprietary algorithm monitors over 35 real-time & post-completion data points and assigns a predictive quality score to affirm the quality of the users.

Device Recognition

Device Recognition

  • Email + Mobile Verification
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Device Reputation
  • Physical Address + Proxy Detection
Human Recognition

Human Recognition

  • Red Herring QuestionsAn effective measure for detecting fraud and recognizing inattentive users.
  • ReCaptchaReal-time detection and prevention of automated fraud.
  • Pattern AnalysisAutomatic detection of suspiciously repeated answer patterns.
  • LOI ComparisonsMonitoring for anomalies during the survey.

Our Industry Contribution

Ghost Completions: The Venezuelan Fraud Scheme

Ghost Completions: The Venezuelan Fraud Scheme

Fraud within the market research industry is increasingly prevalent as new methods for executing fraud develop. Ghost completions are particularly harmful, as they render higher volumes of fraud, faster.

Market Research Fraud: Distributed Survey Farms

Market Research Fraud: Distributed Survey Farms

The click farms of the market research industry have been uncovered - distributed survey farms. The paper examines the process, from the first occurrence of fraudulent activity to its source, the extent of the problem and how to avoid its reoccurrence.

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