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Offer Wall Integration

After creating a new web app and an offer wall ad placement, move on to configuring your postback.  

  • Note that only server to server reporting is compatible with the web offer wall ad placement.

Integrating the Web Offer Wall in Your Code


On our dashboard, inside the relevant ad unit’s tab, click on ‘iFrame code‘. The following window will appear:

In the window, you can find the code for web view integration, mobile view integration, as well as advanced integration that allows you to request highly targeted offers and surveys.

Implement the code wherever you want to display the offer wall.

Please note:

  • Width and Height parameters can be adjusted to fit your placement’s size.
  • Appid and userid are mandatory, gender and date_of_birth are optional.


In order to request API access, on our dashboard, inside the relevant ad unit’s tab, click on ‘Request API‘. Upon request, your status would change automatically to pending. While waiting for approval, you will be able to read our documentation and start implementation, but you will not be able to go live until your request is approved.

As soon as your request is approved, the status indicator inside the ad unit’s tab on our dashboard¬†will update to ‘Approved’.

If you run into any issues during implementation of our API, contact your account manager.

Updated on August 13, 2017

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