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Reporting Installations and Events

As an Advertiser, when an installation is completed, you’re required to inform Persona.ly’s servers. Sometimes, you are also required to inform us about post-install events generated by your users. This short article will guide you through this process.

Whitelisting your IPS

First of all – make sure that your account manager received your list of IPs that will send the requests to our servers. Remember to update us with any addition or removal of addresses on your side.

Sending a post-installation callback

In the postback, you must use the Persona.ly click ID that you received when we sent you the user. Our callback is a simple GET HTTP request URL that you will need to generate.  Both HTTP and HTTPS are supported, so you can pick what is needed on your end.

We strongly recommend sending the callback once just as the installation is done. This will help us serve the advertiser and our publishers with fresh up to date info about their performance.

Once an installation is done on your end, perform a GET request from a whitelisted IP from your end as follows:

http://personaly.click/callback/?clickid={Persona.ly Click ID}

Our click id is always in a format of GUID/UUID which appears in a format of 8-4-4-4-12 characters string (e.g 7F0713CA-B785-3D96-9E42-C8301955991A)

In case the request was sent and received well, it will be responded with an HTTP 200 status.

The parameters supported by our callback are:

Parameter NameDescriptionMandatory?
carrier_nameThe carrier name
as identified by
your system
clickidPersona.ly click IDYes
gaidGoogle GAIDNo
IdfaApple's IDFANo
ipThe user's IP detected
on your side

While non-mandatory parameters can be ignored if they’re not sent, it is a good practice to send them. This information helps us enhance our fraud detection procedures and wipe them out.

Sending a post-installation event

Sending an event is as simple as a post-installation callback and requires the clickid and the event to be included in the URL query string. A post install event is sent the same way as the installation callback – a simple GET HTTP request URL you will need to generate. Both HTTP and HTTPS are supported.

Prior to sending events for real campaigns, make sure to provide your account manager with the list of events you will send, to help us monitor and improve your traffic quality.

Note: in case of event-oriented-goal campaigns (AKA as CPE/CPA campaigns), it is essential to let us know the payable event which you will consider as a conversion so we will adjust it on our end before we launch.

Once the event is performed by a user on your app, call our event callback URL as follows:

http://personaly.click/Event?clickid={Persona.ly click ID}&eventName={Your Event Name}

The parameters supported by our callback are:

Parameter NameDescriptionMandatory?
clickidPersona.ly click IDYes
event_nameThe name of the
event_valueIn case this event
has a value ,
usually purchase
amount or similar
in order to
measure good
users performance
lead_ipThe user's IP detected
on your side
Updated on September 28, 2017

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