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We’re proud to announce that as of today, is an official member of the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, Adjust‘s anti-fraud initiative.

The CAAF was established to form a strong front against mobile ad fraud from the supply side, consisting of industry leaders that have years of experience dealing with fraud. The members collaborate and create guidelines for fighting mobile ad fraud, what the ideal ways of detecting and preventing different types of it are, and who should be trusted with the responsibility of prevention.

Andreas Naumann, Senior Director of Fraud and Compliance at Adjust describes it better than we could, following their recent announcement:

Andreas Naumann, Senior Director of Fraud and Compliance at Adjust

“CAAF creates a community that fights fraud together in the mobile advertising industry. We are doing this by pooling our resources with our members in order to speed up research on fraud, generate transparency, and produce standards which enable marketers to educate themselves and overcome the risks of mobile marketing. We are pleased to see the supply side take on a more active role in this endeavor and welcome the newest members joining us today.”

Andreas Naumann, Senior Director of Fraud and Compliance at Adjust

We’ve had a “technology comes first” approach from the day was founded, and we take pride in the different fraud prevention tools and features developed for our platform. The value and quality we aspire to provide to our partners is what guides us at every turn, and creating these tools ourselves instead of solely relying on third party solutions and bits of information was one of the easiest choices we made – and those prevention tools get optimized and updated frequently to keep up with any new possible type of fraud as soon as our data reflects its existence.

We’re excited to join the CAAF and take part in the extensive efforts made to combat ad fraud on all fronts, and believe the coalition will play a significant role in decreasing its prominence in our field in the near future.

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