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Optimize Your Trip to Las Vegas

Affiliate Summit West 2018 is around three weeks away, and we really hope you already booked flights and hotels – prices are extremely high this year due to CES happening at the same time as ASW.

Location, Location, Location

What makes ASW different from any other trade show in our field is, undoubtedly, the fact that it’s in Las Vegas. Even though all the attendees (well, most of them, it seems) are there to create new partnerships and to find new opportunities, this is still Sin City we’re talking about. You’ve got to have at least some fun at night after the show ends.

I collected recommendations from the team and compiled this short guide, detailing the best experiences we had there (as well as some tips for getting around) for anyone interested to try and maximize the short amount of free time they would have while in Vegas for ASW. This is our 8th time in a row attending ASW and we simply love it and Vegas, so we filtered the lame touristy stuff out, and only left the good stuff for you.

When in Doubt, Uber Out

If you’re from the States, you probably know this, but if you aren’t – this is a very big deal. Uber is three times cheaper than taxis, there is virtually an infinite amount of them available, and they get to you fast. The public transportation in Vegas is decent, but if you’re there for only a week, don’t try to save a buck on getting around, and if there’s somewhere you really want to go to (like any of the places listed below) – just get an Uber.

The Strip Stroll

While it makes sense to go and see everything on the strip, we have a few places that made the most impression on us:

  • The Fountains at the Bellagio – the show is brilliant and impressive, don’t miss it. From Mon-Fri, there’s a show every 30 minutes between 3-8PM, so there’s no excuse. The Bellagio itself is incredible as well, so make sure to go inside too. The view from The Paris’s open bar or the “Mon ami Gabi” is great.
  • The Venetian – the lobby is too marvelous to ignore – do yourself a favor and just walk in.
  • Fermont Street – to see the classic side of Vegas – where the first hotel and the first paved street in Vegas are and where the first gambling license was issued.

Outside The City

If you have an extra day, you won’t regret finding a way to get to one of these places:

  • The Grand Canyon – what can we say? It really is grand.
  • Hoover Dam – we personally love seeing feats of engineering, if that’s your jam, you have to check out the dam.
  • Helicopter Rides – ok you caught me, helicopter rides aren’t really a place per se, but you should try one out if you get the chance – that way you get to see all the places.


Here’s a list of our favorite joints:

  • Mon ami Gabi – a classic French Bistro, in the venue of the event. Get the onion soup.
  • STK – one of the best steak restaurants in Vegas, located in the Cosmopolitan.
  • In-n-Out – if you’re from the east coast or outside the States, don’t skip it.

Memorable Experiences

Vegas has literally anything you can imagine – here’s a short list of the experiences we enjoyed the most:

  • Dig This – you get to control an excavator, like, a real excavator, scoop and all – need I say more?
  • Battlefield Vegas – you get to crush a car with a tank. Yep.
  • Play Poker – you can find tournaments in any casino at almost any time. We most enjoyed our time at Caesars.

Honestly, we can go on and on about our favorite things to do in Vegas – but this short list should be a good starting point for anyone who hasn’t visited yet. If you want to ask us anything specific, feel free to drop by meet market table #E9 or booth #324 – we’d love to help you out. Have fun!


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