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Next Marketing Summit 2019 Recap

Exhibiting at Next Marketing Summit 2019, one of the biggest app marketing events in Japan, was a non-stop, busy, fun, and productive experience, surpassing even last year’s success.'s booth at Next Marketing Summit, 2019
Our booth at Next Marketing Summit

The biggest app developers and advertising agencies in Japan attended, resulting in a conference floor that was constantly booming with people and had an energizing atmosphere.

Our objective this year was to introduce our proprietary technology for programmatic buying via OpenRTB and introduce our partners and prospects to our data-driven user acquisition capabilities – describing how we use machine-learning for highly targeted, performance-based campaigns.'s booth design at Next Marketing Summit, 2019

We saw there was a lot of interest amongst our prospects in programmatic user acquisition and we were glad to share our knowledge and how we approach it by combining aggregated user-level data, along with real-time data enrichment to ensure we target the right audience at the right time.

We emphasized to app developers how sharing data and building a relationship based on trust is important as it leads to better results for both sides – it enables us to utilize the gathered data to a greater extent and, as a result, improve our efficiency.

The team at Next Marketing Summit, 2019

Leaving the technology aside, we always enjoy visiting Japan, meeting the people, celebrating the culture, and experiencing the food. There’s always a special connection we feel when visiting, which stems, in our opinion, from the encounter of our two opposing cultures.

Three members of our company attended Next Marketing this year, myself included, and we found ourselves so constantly busy that even lunch was completely forgotten. Thanks to the continual flow of people into our booth, we were kept busy all day long.

The team at Next Marketing Summit, 2019

We had a great time meeting new people and old friends, renewing connections, being introduced to new products, inspiring, and getting inspired by others.

We want to thank everyone for visiting our booth, and we look forward to meeting you at our next event in Japan – Adtech Tokyo in November.

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