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Clipwire Games’ Bingo Story™ Programmatic UA Case Study

Download a PDF version of the case study Intro is a tech product company driving mobile user acquisition for brands and app developers, operating world-wide and focusing on the US, KR, JP, RU, SEA and IN markets. Using our proprietary bidder and machine-learning algorithms we offer transparent, performance-based, highly-targeted app install and retargeting solutions. strives to be more than just a vendor for its partners, but a partner that helps generate actual value, growth, and broad marketing insights that can be used across channels. 

Clipwire Games Intro

Clipwire is one of Canada’s fastest-growing mobile video game companies. Founded in Toronto in 2009, the company is built on strong values, work ethic, and intelligent growth. At Clipwire they work hard, have fun, innovate and level-up every day. As for the development of their games, they have built a highly profitable suite of games and continue to refine and improve them for their users each and every day. 

Clipwire Games Programmatic UA Case Study

Campaign Goals

Clipwire Games aimed to efficiently scale user acquisition for their title “Bingo Story”, aiming to acquire users with high retention rates as well as high conversion rates towards deposits and ROAS, as the title generates revenue from both ads and in-app purchases. 


Our in-house programmatic DSP is integrated with all major SSPs and is able to process more than 500,000 QPS of in-app inventory. We apply user-level targeting based on machine-learning algorithms, real time-request data and aggregated data from our DMP, to run effective UA and re-targeting campaigns. This infrastructure, designed to allow us to focus on user profiles, rather than just ad placements, allows us to help mobile game developers such as Clipwire, acquire the most relevant users for their games.

When we started running UA campaigns for Clipwire’s “Bingo Story”, on iOS and Android in July our initial approach was intent-based targeting – targeting users that showed direct interest in the Bingo genre. This approach derived early success both in generating high IPMs (installs per mille) and quickly meeting the defined ROAS KPIs.

This early success allowed us to expand and scale the campaigns quickly as our machine learning algorithms started targeting look-a-like users of the ones delivered so far from sub-genres and related genres, such as Mahjong, Solitare, and Social Casino. 


Bingo Story: 
Android (August 2019): 
Day 1 ROAS lift: 11%
Day 7 ROAS lift: 14.7%
Day 30 ROAS lift: 11.2% 

iOS (Spetember 2019): 
Day 1 ROAS lift: 11% 
Day 7 ROAS lift: 5.2% 
Day 30 ROAS lift: 16%

“Working on Clipwire’s campaigns was great from the get-go, providing us with the data we need to succeed, we were able to meet expectations quickly and provide them with the campaign results they were striving for.”

Joseph Iris – RTB Product Manager @

Working with has been a treat. Their team is responsive and data driven. Their dashboard and reporting tools are easy to use. We quickly got installs through their campaigns that met our objectives.

Cameron Micomonaco, Head of Growth @ Clipwire Games
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