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How We Achieved D7 FTD Cost 53% Below KPI for Games24x7’s RummyCircle

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Campaign Goals worked together with Games24x7 to run user acquisition campaigns on both Android and iOS in India for RummyCircle, with the main KPI being a low D7 FTD cost.

Being an already very popular brand in India, the main challenge was to be able to sift through all the hundreds of millions of potential users and target only the ones with the highest potential to become high-value paying users.

Results at a Glance:

53% lower

D7 FTD Cost

15x installs growth

in two months

50% scale increase

in parallel with Hrithik Roshan pan-India TV campaign


When we started running our UA campaigns for Games24X7, our initial approach towards each platform was naturally different:

On Android: given the fact that Rummy is a distinct interest, our look-a-like audience generator allowed us to focus on users with higher than average intent to install, and our payer classification models allowed us to bid higher on users with a higher probability of converting – based on their engagement with Rummy content and other approximate genres like sports and card games.

On iOS: for SKAN and post-iOS 14.5 campaigns, we used the approach described in our ‘Context Distance Calculator’ demo – using machine learning-driven natural language processing (NLP), we are able to determine the contextual relationship between our partnered advertiser apps and the apps where we show the ads, allowing us to model and bid according to the contextual ‘distance’ each app couple by understanding this relationship in a very granular way.

Campaign Results

Scale and FTD Cost Vs. KPI

Within 3 weeks of starting the campaign, we were able to increase install volume by close to 400%, while already beating the KPI and generating an FTD cost of 30% cheaper than required.

Within 7 weeks the scale was increased x15 while the FTD cost continued to decrease, producing an FTD cost over 50% cheaper than the goal.

Install Volume w/Hrithik Roshan Creatives

The addition of video advertisements starring Indian Actor Hrithik Roshan allowed for a massive additional increase of 50% in scale within a week of starting to use them at the very end of the seventh week of campaigns.

”Beyond the phenomenal results delivered, overperforming our KPIs by a significant margin, we built a real trusting relationship. From the start and through our scaling effort, we felt’s professional business team is putting our goals and success first. Growing further and launching additional UA and retargeting efforts was a natural choice”

Gaurav Verma, Director of User Growth @ Games24x7

About Games24x7

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mumbai, Games24x7 is one of India’s most successful gaming companies, specializing in the culmination of behavioral science, technology, and AI to provide superior gameplay experiences for its millions of monthly active users. RummyCircle is India’s largest skill-based gaming platform with an exceptional user interface, superior technology, and personalized gaming experience ensuring the best in class rummy experience.

“The Games24x7 team is comprised of true professionals, analytical & detail-oriented, that provided us with clear KPIs to follow. The presence of clear success metrics, combined with the willingness to share needed data, allows our machine learning capabilities to deliver the results we did. Working with clients that are as willing and capable as Games24x7 makes smooth delivery much easier.”

Rajesh Fatnani, India Country Manager @

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