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Yolo 247 Programmatic UA case study

How We Outbeat Yolo247 KPI by 50% while Scaling the Campaign 30x

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We worked with Yolo247, one of the top-grossing universal casino and sports betting platforms, to acquire new users and re-engage the churned ones for their APK Android app.

Campaign Goals

  • UA Campaign: To acquire users who will reach the end of the app conversion funnel – register in the app, play available virtual games and eventually convert into paying customers by making their FTD (first-time deposit) – with the D1 FTD (First-Time Deposit) Cost being a KPI.
  • Re-engagement Campaign: To re-engage users belonging to either of these segments:
    – Those who were paying customers and churned
    – Those who registered in the app and churned before making a deposit and convert them into payers

Results at a Glance:


D1 FTD Cost below the KPI


Campaign scaling over time (UA and re-engagement combined)


FTD Conversion Rate growth for non-payers by month 7

Campaign Results

Campaign Scaling and D1 FTD Cost KPI

When we started running the UA campaign for Yolo247, we outperformed the FTD cost KPI from the start. As learning progressed and our bidder was able to target the audience more precisely, preferring the audience with a higher chance of becoming payers, we were able to keep scaling the campaign while keeping the FTD cost within the KPI target. 

Running UA and Re-engagement campaigns in parallel resulted in 30x overall campaign scaling and topping the KPI by a significant 50%, while drastically improving it for over a year.


UA Campaign Optimization

Integrated with all the major ad exchanges and processing over 60 data-points before serving each impression, our programmatic DSP weights multiple factors and processes thousands of combinations to build the custom targeting model for each campaign. Our algorithm determined that in the case of Yolo247, the most prominent factors affecting whether a user would convert were predicted age, predicted gender, and device characteristics.

While age and gender are not some of the data-points exchanged in the bid stream, they are particularly crucial for target audience definition.  The graph displays the effect of age prediction on the Yolo247 UA campaign performance.

As seen in the graph, the young and middle-aged adult groups are factored significantly higher (and receive a much higher budget share) due to the fact that the conversion rate from Install to FTD is 3x higher vs. the older audience group.

Re-engagement Campaign Optimization

While the Payers audience has shown excellent results from the start, the key challenge was to sift through tens of thousands of non-payers to find those who had the highest potential of converting into payers.

Utilizing learnings from the UA campaign and combining the key factors affecting the performance with secondary factors allowed us to double the FTD D1 CVR (conversion rate from re-attribution to first-time deposit) for the Payers segment and quadruple it for the Non-payers.

Our Process

UA Process

When we started running UA for Yolo247, to solve the cold-start problem, using unattributed data we generated an audience similar to the existing audience of the app (lookalike audience). After this short exploration period, we gathered enough data to build the basic classification model. As soon as we reached enough installs, our ML algorithm built a robust classification model to optimize the campaign towards app installs. 

Finally, once we received enough signals for our bidder to distinguish between users who would reach the end of the deep funnel and become paying customers (make their first deposit), and those who wouldn’t, the custom ML model targeting the more prominent segment was built and we safely scaled the campaign.

Re-engagement Process

Shortly after the success with UA campaigns, we started running re-engagement campaigns. Using our proprietary Dynamic Audiences user segmentation engine, we built custom audiences of users who:

  • Registered in the app and churned before making a deposit
  • Used to be paying customers but churned

By applying our expertise and learnings from the UA campaign, we hit the KPI straight from the beginning. This allowed us to constantly increase the scale while re-activating more prominent audiences.

Dynamic Audiences

By slicing and dicing in-app event activity data, our proprietary segmentation engine allows us to identify, define and test performance across various audience segments for re-engagement campaigns. It enables any of our partners to run effective re-engagement campaigns without any additional costs, and eliminates the need to use a third-party service.’s Dynamic Audiences Feature in Action

Yolo247 Case Study - Quote

“Our partnership with has been a real win, thanks to their great communication, transparency, and utmost professionalism. Right from the start, they provided invaluable assistance with technical integrations and strategic business planning, which promptly led to remarkable results.”

Vinod D’Souza, Chief Marketing Officer – Yolo 247

About Yolo247

Yolo247 is an iGaming company, designed to provide an immersive & captivating experience to its users. We believe in providing a gamut of products to fit the users needs & requirements. Customer experience & customer service is a top priority for us & we pride ourselves in excellence on this front.

“The more industry leaders in India, such as Yolo247, join the programmatic media buying trend and shift towards a transparent UA approach with a defined CPM-based pricing model—contrary to CPI or CPA models, which leave room for traffic manipulation—the more swiftly we can eradicate fraudulent traffic in the region.

This change in perspective marks a significant advancement for the market, and we take pride in being among the pioneering companies in the programmatic landscape entering this market.

Rajesh Fatnani, Country Manager India and MENA –

About is a mobile-first DSP operating worldwide. Using our proprietary bidder and machine-learning algorithms, we offer transparent, performance-driven, highly targeted UA and retargeting solutions at scale with access to over 2.8 million ad auctions per second. We are trusted by Nexon, Papaya Gaming, Rapido, Games24x7, Ubisoft, Tilting Point, and many others. strives to be more than just a vendor for its partners, but a partner that helps generate actual value, growth, and broad marketing insights that can be used across channels.

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