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Mobile retargeting - Dynamic Audiences in Programmatic DSP (2)

Unleashing the Power of Re-engagement: A Deep Dive into’s Dynamic Audiences Segmentation Engine

Navigating the competitive landscape of mobile app publishing demands a granular understanding of user behavior and a strategic approach to revenue optimization. Retargeting emerges as a tactical cornerstone for mobile app publishers, especially in the time of economic downturn.

By delving into data and leveraging a targeted approach, retargeting enables publishers to re-engage dormant app users to bring them back to using the app and, potentially, increase their LTV. This strategy, rooted in data analytics and precision targeting, proves instrumental in driving more conversions and bolstering revenue streams.

After researching solutions currently present in the market, we saw an opportunity to provide the advertisers with a solution that will have it all:

  • Full control over the campaign optimization, due to being a part of a DSP (instead of a stand-alone tool or feature that passes data from one platform to another)
  • Real-time audience updates so we can target only the right users
  • Not requiring extra investment or fees

To bridge the gap between audience segmentation and traffic generation tools for efficient campaign optimization, we at developed a proprietary Dynamic Audiences segmentation engine available to our clients at no extra cost. Integrated directly (and safely) with our clients’ first-party data, it allows us to update the audience in real time, eliminating the need to pay for another segmentation platform. 

Multiple sets of rules are available, from the basic “inactive D7” to the most intricate combinations, featuring virtually any number of in-app events and audience features.

By slicing and dicing in-app event activity data, our Dynamic Audiences segmentation engine allows us to identify, define, and test performance across various audience segments to reach maximum potential for re-engagement campaigns.

Why Real-time Audience Updates Matter

There are two main approaches to updating the audience in re-engagement: real-time updates and batch updates. In real-time updates, the audience is updated continuously throughout the campaign. This approach at its core has no disadvantages for advertisers as it ensures that the audience is added at the most opportune time on the one hand, and is suppressed straight after the reactivation on the other, allowing for significant budget savings.

Furthermore, when re-engagement is more strategized and the audiences are built based on their position in the app funnel, the real-time approach ensures updating the messaging and adjusting the bidding based on increased user intent corresponding to their new position in the app funnel. 

The reason batch updates are utilized more across the industry is that this approach is far more resource-efficient for audience-building platforms that don’t have to process data at a scale they would for real-time updates.

The Key Features of’s Dynamic Audiences

  • Direct integration with clients’ first-party data
  • The audience is updated in real-time
  • There is no extra cost for’s programmatic DSP clients
  • Multiple audience setup options – from basic to intricate combinations and unlimited parameters
  • Full Integration with’s DSP allows tapping into all the platform’s ML features to optimize the performance
  • Corresponds to the latest data-sharing privacy standards
  • Swift setup
  • Generation of personalized ad creatives based on previous in-app interactions

The launch of Dynamic Audiences is a game-changer for us, as we have already seen a huge impact on our clients’ campaign performance with our proprietary tool. The direct integration lets us get real-time updates, saving much-needed budget on those who have converted, and adding the audience the minute the time-based rule can be applied.

Our clients, like Nexon, LightInTheBox, Papaya Gaming, and NextNinja are already leveraging the tool to its fullest, and the results are outbeating expectations.

Ofir Pasternak, Founder and R&D Director at
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